Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

Bandung Ganesha Park

ganesha park bandung

Forms a capital park that's discover at Jalan Ganesha - Bandung, simply in front on Bandung Institute of Technologies Campus. In terms of height, which park forms not so widespread and very amazing after all of both the various plants which exist in the farm and local things. Park contains plenty of seating that is used with regard to clean especially beneath the afternoon. Due to its location but not far on Bandung Zoo, both the park is always used by traffic to the zoo to be able to do nothing with parents and enjoying food. In the vicinity of the farm trees improve heavy, inhabited through various birds. So, Jalan Ganesha area reserved with regard to consumption of pets different so that none bird that is entitled to be searched. If you like to drive her around the lawn, around the farm there're lots of hire horses. With regard to small kidses can be accompanied by both the owner of horse, and for those who make dared to ride on it's own can do this without his owner's horse. With regard to parents who want to appreciate the park rollicking will hire one carriage that is controlled around the employer of the gig.